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Behold this MYSTICal device that allows you to perform magical string formations! After some quite extensive prototyping we present to you the Mystic, a 7068 yo-yo designed to be able to pull off all your tricks in your bag and more. This throw is the natural progression from our first yo-yo, the Riddle. As it holds a very similar shape, the Mystic has more of a V shape than a normal H shape, is more agile, and has a longer spin time, making it more competition geared than the Riddle. When designing this throw, we made the rims the heaviest part to make it stable. However, we added a little more center weight so it wouldn’t be overly rim weighted and to give it the string feel we wanted. Get ready for one of our favorite yo-yos yet!
***Shiny Mystikarps are only obtained by chance, there are only a few mixed in to the lot of Mystikarps at random, hopefully you get lucky!!***

Diameter: 55mm
Width: 43mm
Gap Width: 4.5mm
Mass: 63.7g
Magical Powers: Totally Mystical

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