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A yoyo over half a year in the making.

When Joey and I first started working on the CAD file for the collab back in January, the design revolved around one central idea: I wanted to add some tweaks to Joey's sandwiched bimetal design. I had noticed that all of his sandwiched bimetals had flat rims and wanted to experiment with the idea of creating a facet to the rim, similar to those seen on the Paradox and Murmur. From there, we added the inner lip that is characteristic of 2sick, which we then decided to pair with a simple dome, to add to the concentric lines of the cup. To contrast the lines of the cup, Joey and I decided on a simple, clean V shape for the profile, but wanted to keep it nice and comfortable, hence the rounded edges all around.

We distributed the weight mostly to the rims, keeping the yoyo as rimweighted as possible, while maintaining an overall lightweight feel on the string, as is characteristic of our yoyos thus far.

Diameter: 55mm
Width: 42mm
Mass: 63g (SS); 64g (brass)
Stealth: 98%

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