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Nearly a year after initial prototyping, we are proud to present to you Apollo's twin sibling: Artemis!

Artemis is our first bimetal yoyo, designed to be a more competition oriented version of Apollo. I started by redrawing the Apollo profile, but pushing it outwards to be wider and making it a bit more of a V shape. From there, I added inner SS rings to provide more power, while maintaining the same theme of maintaining maneuverability present in Apollo. Finally, I added a groove in the cup for aesthetic purposes. The first version of Artemis that was available to the public was initially 6061, and was frankly very very good. However, after sitting on it for quite some time due to the production issues we had earlier this year, I decided to make it 7075 instead, which would add even more power than before.

Specifications, if you're into that kinda thing:
Diameter - 56mm
Width - 45mm
Mass - 64g
Gap width - 4.6mm

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