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A yoyo over half a year in the making.

When Joey and I first started working on the CAD file for the collab back in January, the design revolved around one central idea: I wanted to add some tweaks to Joey's sandwiched bimetal design. I had noticed that all of his sandwiched bimetals had flat rims and wanted to experiment with the idea of creating a facet to the rim, similar to those seen on the Paradox and Murmur. From there, we added the inner lip that is characteristic of 2sick, which we then decided to pair with a simple dome, to add to the concentric lines of the cup. To contrast the lines of the cup, Joey and I decided on a simple, clean V shape for the profile, but wanted to keep it nice and comfortable, hence the rounded edges all around.

We distributed the weight mostly to the rims, keeping the yoyo as rimweighted as possible, while maintaining an overall lightweight feel on the string, as is characteristic of our yoyos thus far.

Diameter: 55mm 
Width: 42mm 
Mass: 63g (SS); 64g (brass) 
Stealth: 98%


We present to you Apollo's twin sibling: Artemis!

Artemis is our first bimetal yoyo, designed to be a more competition oriented version of Apollo. We started by redrawing the Apollo profile, but pushing it outwards to be wider and making it a bit more of a V shape. From there, we added inner SS rings to provide more power, while maintaining the same theme of maintaining maneuverability present in Apollo. Finally, we added a groove in the cup for aesthetic purposes.


Diameter - 56mm

Width - 45mm

Mass - 64g

Gap width - 4.6mm


Following the Apollo, we wanted to design a yoyo that was just as balanced. However, we wanted it to be more fun and free flowing, as well as easy on the wallet.

As always, we started with the hub. Rather than just using a domed hub, we wanted to experiment with adding a bit of a border to the dome. From there, we decided to go with an organic profile to keep with the theme of fun and free flowing.

The Murmur is a mid-sized yoyo that fits nicely into the hand. It's nice and nimble, but begs for a very controlled touch, as mindlessly going through tricks can tip it off axis. This extra focus can help in perfecting a trick and allow you to truly express yourself through yoyo. Your voice need not be louder than a murmur, as you can let the yoyo and the trick speak for you.


Diameter : 54mm

Width : 42mm

Gap Width: 4.2mm 

Weight : 63.5g

Shape: Organic

Street Cred : All of it  


The Apollo was designed to be light, fast, and stable. I know, I know, I know - that's the most generic description possible. So let's get into the design process a bit.

We wanted to have a good balance between rimweight and maneuverability. Since concentrating mass at the rims sacrifices maneuverability for added stability, we designed the rims to scallop inwards to bring some of the rimweight closer to the center. Doing so allows the rimweight to not be too concentrated at the rims and aids in maneuverability. We also added a touch of centerweight with the raised hub, though the added centerweight is deceptively small: the mass at the hub is just slightly more than if we were to keep the hub flat. The result: a healthy dose of rimweight with just the right amount of centerweight (aka perfectly balanced).

Now with the profile, we combined rounded rims with a slightly scalloped catchzone. The rounded rims provide comfort. The scalloped catchzone provide minimized string friction. Together, we get a cohesive aesthetic quality similar to the Riddle, but far less extreme, more organic, and overall just more pleasing to the eye.


Diameter: 56mm

Width: 44mm

Mass: 65g

Material: 7075 aluminum


After roughly 6 months since we received the first prototype for this yoyo, we're finally ready to share it with you! Luckily for us, we got the design right the first try. However, Justin wanted to focus on the Riddle as the first release, since few people had worked with 7068 prior to us. Once the Riddles were sold out, we felt it was ready to move on to the Paradox, so we used all the money we earned from the Riddles to fund production of the Paradoxes.

We designed this initially to be a small yoyo with chunky rims and a simple cup. We wanted it to be light and floaty, since most small yoyos these days tend to still have the same mass as full sized yoyos. We didn't like the dense feeling that these yoyos tended to have, so we decided to keep it light.


Diameter - 52mm

Width - 40mm

Mass - 58g (yes, you read that right)

Fun factor - 100%


The yoyo that started it all for Unspoken. Made out of 7068, this H-shaped throw is a beast. Great for regens, competition level yoyoing, catching the rarest of Pokémon, and pretty much anything you throw at it. At 63.5g it is on the lighter side for a yoyo it's shape, but takes advantage of its material to have just the right weight distribution to stay stable and have a bi-metal like feel. The Riddle was a pain to get just right but designing it was a labor of love. It's a unique yoyo with a great feel that we know you will love! 


Diameter - 54mm

Width - 44mm

Gap width - 4.4mm

Weight - 63.5g

Power level - Over 9000

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