Unspoken Project

Our Team

Justin Bui

1/2 of Unspoken founders. Justin does the bulk of the CAD work and manages the business side of Unspoken as well as our social media. His favorite throw is Apollo! He hates taking or posting pictures of himself though so pictures of him are pretty rare. If you really want to see more of Justin, you can find him on Instagram.

Noah Burrows

2/2 of Unspoken founders. Noah takes care of assembly, testing, and shipping of yoyos; he also helps manage social media and helps create our logos and other artwork. He's a pretty cool dude, and he loves to toss around his Murmur when he's not busy running around working on stuff for Unspoken. You can go follow his Instagram, but be warned - his posts to Instagram are even rarer than Justin's.

Alexis JV

Alexis was our very first team member. He makes amazing videos and tutorials over on his YouTube channel and has impeccable style. His favorite throw is the Paradox! If you're so inclined, you can find him on Instagram. I'd recommend it if you don't want to miss out on all his cool videos.

Anthony Tran

Anthony is a cool dude that has helped us network and meet all the great players in the San Jose community. He's got a great set of tricks, and has a bright future. Anthony likes to use his Artemis to come up with all his newest tricks. You can find them on his Instagram.

Richard Lee

Richard is possibly the coolest artist we know. He's such a great guy and helps us a ton with the artwork for our yoyos. Remember the Murmur stickers? Yeah that's his artwork and we love it. Look forward to more work from him in the future. You can find his artwork on his Instagram page here.

Billy Nguyen

Billy is another cool dude that gives a lot of input into the CAD work and helps manage social media. He's got some pretty innovative trick concepts and always tries to come up with something new, whether in the organic lab or the trick lab. Lately he's been using his Artemis for all his lab work, though I'm not really sure how well yoyos mix with organic chemistry. You can find his lab work on Instagram.

Michael Acidera

Michael Acidera has been a long time supporter of ours and always puts out such great tricks on his Instagram. Recently he has started working at Blue Bottle and makes some bomb coffee.

Andrew Miller

Andrew has been such an integral part of the team. He helps test and ship out our yoyos in addition to creating quality pictures and videos for our Instagram account.

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